C H O R E O G R A P H I C _ P R O D U C T I O N
e s t o n i a _ f r a n c e _ g e r m a n y _ p o r t u g a l _ r o m a n i a _ s e r b i a _ t u r k e y

The LOOPING project ends in fall 2010. We are off to new adventures !

April 30, 2010

Begüm Erciyas (TUR)


choreography... Begüm Erciyas
created with... Ewa Bankowska, Jenny Beyer, Sigurdur Arent Jonsson
performance... Ewa Bankowska, Begüm Erciyas
sound... Jetzmann
coproduction... K3 - Center for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg
in cooperation with... Bimeras (Istanbul)
thanks to... Bojana Kunst, Valentina Desideri, Paula Caspao, Sweet and Tender Collaborations
duration... 30 min.

"Ping pong balls have mostly similar physicalities. They can take distance, by rolling along the floor, by flying in a curve-like movement or by leaping through the space. Once dropped from 30 cm they only rise up 23 cm. On each bounce the height decreases according to this coefficient, until they cannot rise off the floor anymore. They are highly dependent on the strength of the initiating force that gives them the strength to fight friction. Eventually, due to the friction between them, the ground and the air, they come to a stop. Once they are in groups they behave unpredictably, and, sometimes, they deviate from their original trajectory."
B. Erciyas